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Hear me out

I’ve never played in the premier league or won a champions league or represented my country. I’m not a world class player destined to reach the heights of the legends of the game. BUT I am professional footballer, someone who loves the game and everything about it and had an obsession to achieve a goal that only 65,000 people achieve(I read that on the internet somewhere) and millions dream about everyday.

I’m not trying to say I’m Messi or Ronaldo, or even that important of a player at all but I’ve been able to experience all the things you read about as kid wishing I could do growing up.

I was born into playing, growing up only knowing football. A game that has given as much as it has taken throughout my life. I’m able to say I have reached my dream I told my parents many years ago I’d achieve. I became a professional footballer when many times I didn’t think I would. I wake up, train once or twice a day then get to go home. I've played in big matches, cup games, playoff matches and championship games. I do community service appearances, events promoting the club. I’ve done TV interviews, radio interviews, been on the front page of newspapers. Played on TV so my family half way across the world can watch me. Fashion events, photoshoots, wild nights out in crazy places you name it I’ve done it.

Some of the things I’ve experienced are things that can be learned from. Whether you’re a young footballer looking for direction and advice or someone who has been in my situations looking to relate. Other things I’ve gone through are things just to share, stories for anyone looking for an insight into the professional game. I just want to get across that football is a global game that connects everyone who plays it, works in it, watches it or is in some way affiliated with it and we all share different paths and stories connected with football.

No matter what your looking to get out of the site feel free to drop a question or topic in the Contact us section.

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